American Town Homes

Making your American Dream come true

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Houston-Based Builder and Developer

American Town Homes, Inc. is a City of Houston-based residential home builder/developer and real estate brokerage operation serving Houston since 2006 by customizing plans aimed to delivering quality construction.


We design well thought out plans that combine practicality of function with beautiful spaces. The free flowing architectural features of the designs are so flexible that plans are made purposefully to easily adapt to the personality and character of the homeowner's preferences and style.

Founder of American Town Homes

William G. Wydler is an indefatigable entrepreneur whose professional business backgrounds has always driven him towards residential development.


As founder. Mr. Wydler is responsible for maintaining high design and construction standards, and more importantly all administrative functions. He is creating successful projects and delivering beautiful homes and future investments to homebuyers.

Co-Founder of American Town Homes

Leyla Wydler, co-founder of American Town Homes, Inc., is passionate about interior design and quality living. Mrs. Wydler's practicality, common sense, and sense of beauty,  have made her a successful business woman, which American Town Homes is delighted to prosper on. Mrs. Leyla Wydler ample knowledge in real estate and mareting are key factors to a well managed company.

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